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Alvarez-009889I’m so thrilled with our new look website and I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to share all kinds of useful tips, inspirations and of course beautiful wedding gowns to help make your day the very best it can be.

After all these years making brides look their very best (twenty three, although who’s counting………) I’ve observed a thing or two. I guess the most obvious piece of advice I can share with you is try to make the decision right from word go not to sweat the little things! After all, this is most likely one of those rare special moments in your life where it’s all just about you and the man you love. Celebrating your love and commitment to each other with your nearest and dearest.

Of course this calls for the most amazing gown of your life….. Not that I’m biased or anything, although this is where we come in. Your wedding gown should frame and flatter the woman that you are, enhance your best features (everybody has them) & your colouring while fitting into the setting & overall feel of you day. It should be firm but comfortable so you can relax & have the time of your life, all the while ooozzzing confidence because you know how amazingly beautiful you look!

Love Lou xx


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